Living with Diabetes the Healthy Way

Managing diabetes is a lifelong journey that requires a holistic approach, quality healthcare, and support. It is a chronic condition that affects millions of people worldwide. It requires careful management to prevent complications and maintain optimal health. Living with diabetes involves adopting healthy lifestyle practices, maintaining balanced blood sugar levels, and seeking regular medical care. Sundaram Medical Foundation (SMF) is a reputable community hospital renowned for its commitment to patient care and community outreach. We offer a range of specialised services to support individuals living with diabetes. Let’s explore some of the ways SMF supports healthy living with diabetes.
living with diabatics the healthy way

Specialised Diabetes Care

SMF provides specialised diabetes care through a team of dedicated healthcare professionals, including endocrinologists, diabetes educators, dietitians, and nurses. This multidisciplinary approach ensures patients receive comprehensive and personalised treatment plans tailored to their needs. The healthcare team at SMF assists patients in understanding their condition, managing medications, developing healthy eating habits, and incorporating regular physical activity into their routines.
specialised diabetics care

Patient Education Programs

SMF emphasises patient education as a vital aspect of diabetes management. We conduct regular patient education programs and workshops that aim to enhance knowledge about diabetes self-care. These sessions cover blood sugar monitoring, medication adherence, healthy eating, and exercise. By providing patients with the necessary information and tools, SMF empowers them to take control of their health and make informed decisions.

Community Outreach Initiatives

SMF actively engages with the community through various outreach initiatives. We organise awareness campaigns, health camps, and workshops in collaboration with local organizations, schools, and corporate entities. These initiatives aim to educate the general public about diabetes prevention, early detection, and management. By raising awareness and promoting preventive measures, SMF strives to reduce the prevalence of diabetes in the community.
community outreach initiatives

Diabetic Care Packages

In addition to our specialised care and community outreach, SMF offers diabetic care packages designed to provide comprehensive support and resources to individuals with diabetes. These packages typically include regular consultations with endocrinologists, diabetes educators, and dietitians. They also encompass laboratory tests, such as HbA1c, lipid profile, and kidney function tests, to monitor overall health and diabetes control. Moreover, the packages may include nutritional counseling sessions, lifestyle recommendations, and personalised care plans tailored to each patient’s unique needs.
Living with diabetes requires a proactive approach, access to quality healthcare, and ongoing support. Sundaram Medical Foundation is a valuable community hospital offering specialised diabetes care, patient education programs, and community outreach initiatives. Additionally, SMF’s diabetic care packages provide individuals with comprehensive support, including regular consultations, laboratory tests, and personalised care plans. Through its commitment to improving the lives of individuals with diabetes,  Sundaram Medical Foundation plays a crucial role in supporting healthy living and empowering individuals to manage their conditions effectively.