Vision & Mission

Overview of SMF

Sundaram Medical Foundation (SMF) is synonymous with Excellence in Healthcare. From providing remarkable turnarounds in diagnostic and tests to facilitating the treatment of patients with the most advanced healthcare, coming-of-age infrastructure and technology that enables seamless patient recovery and delight. Boasting 220+ beds in Anna Nagar, Chennai, India, Sundaram Medical Foundation is a not-for-profit Multi Speciality General Hospital.



Promoted by the Sundaram Finance Group as a trust in November 1990, SMF has substantial depth within the broad specialities offering secondary healthcare which gives it the ability to ensure early detection and treatment of diseases, followed by referral for tertiary care to specialised centres. With a workforce of 1100+ staff and 150+ medical professionals, the hospital provides free medical treatment to 30% of its Outpatients and 15% of its Inpatients.

Our Motto
SMF operates in an environment that is clean, caring and responsive to the patient’s needs and serves as a Role Model of the Healthcare Delivery System in India. In its years of service to the community, we are proud that SMF continues with a series of expansion and enhancement initiatives that will advance the vision of our founder.
The Vision of SMF

Provide quality medical care by implementing national/international patient safety goals and establishing a Centre of Medical Excellence. Maintain the Centre of Excellence through a process of periodic medical audits, clinical audits, safety rounds and maintenance of accurate medical records.

Provide continuous and multi-disciplinary patient care through core team of competent consultant and allied healthcare staff in all disciplines.

Implement an effective healthcare associated infection prevention and control program to provide a safe environment, which is clean, caring and responsive to the needs of the patients.

Ensure that the patients safety and risk management issues are integral part of patient care and hospital management.

Provide cost-effective healthcare by ensuring that the total cost of treatment is economical.

Provide appropriate education and training of medical and paramedical staff and focus on research and academic activities as appropriate.

Provide community-oriented medical care through a process of ongoing interaction with the community and obtaining feedback, and through appropriate community outreach programs.

The SMF Advantage