Accreditation, Quality Policy & Objective




  • Focus always on the patient’s safety & well-being

  • Keep abreast of the latest developments in the field of patient care

  • Maintain high professional standards of patient care with regular quality audits and reviews to maintain excellence

  • Ensure compliance with the applicable statutory and regulatory requirements

  • Training and motivating all our employees towards professional excellence & culture of quality, courteous care, dedicated teamwork, continual improvement, transparency and professional ethics

  • Development of evidence-based and scientific problem-solving across the organization

  • Attention to environmental protection, energy conservation, and occupational health and safety hazards

  • Establish and maintain an effective Quality Management System to provide total satisfaction to patients and employees, fulfilling their reasonable aspirations

  • Create awareness of healthcare in society and provide quality healthcare at affordable cost


SMF is committed to providing quality healthcare services and ‘Total Patient Satisfaction’. We achieve this by:
  • A Committed, Competent and Courteous team of medical and other professionals

  • Ensuring compliance with applicable statutory and regulatory requirements

  • Striving to continually improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System, integrating with the other applicable Management system requirements