Patient Safety, Rights & Responsibilities

Patient Safety

SMF’s foremost priority is patient safety. We leave no stone unturned and pay attention to every detail and regulation to ensure our patients’ safety across all our campuses. Our best practices, coordinated with the expertise of our medical and non-medical crew, ensure every patient’s safety. SMF provides our patients with

Measures adopted by SMF
for patient safety

Measures adopted by SMF for patient safety

Patients must constantly wear their hospital ID Bands and ensure that the patient name and medical record number (UHID number) are correct. SMF staff members will regularly check the patient’s ID Band before any procedure, or test is performed or dispensing medicine, to ensure the right procedural care is given.
To provide a safe environment, patients are requested not to bring electrical appliances, such as toasters, water heaters, electrical ovens and so on for use in their rooms.
The attendant should accompany the patient to ensure enhanced patient safety. Patients are requested to use the call bell to reach the nurses for help and use safety features like handrails on the beds and footstools while getting up and down from the bed. Grab bars are provided in the restroom for aid, and safety belts in the stretchers and wheelchairs to ensure complete safety.

Patient Responsibilities

To provide all personal and family health information needed to provide you with appropriate care. This includes reporting if you are in pain or require pain relief.
To participate to the best of your ability in making decisions about your medical treatment, and to comply with the agreed upon plane of care.
To ask questions to your physician or other care providers when you do not understand any information or instructions.
To inform your physician or other care provider if you desire a transfer of care to another physician, caregiver or facility.
To be considerate of others receiving and providing care